CALFE 2023 - MEET the KIDDIE-WRITES AUTHORS Who are Pioneering the Representation of the African- Caribbean & Dual Heritage Children In Literature!

CALFE 2023


Meet our Pioneering Children's book Kiddie-writers authors
pioneering the Representation of  African-Caribbean &  Dual Heritage  Children in Literature!
These books are taking children on a magical journey of self-discovery!
Inspiring the next generation of young learners with a healthy cultural literacy experience. While giving parents and children access to books they would love to read as a child. 
This platform provides a forum for authors of African-Caribbean backgrounds to come together and support each other. Offering the opportunity to showcase their books and help shape the landscape of children's book publishing.



Author Sade Fadipe 

I am Sade, a children's book author of A FUN ABC, A Visit to Granddad  (recognised for the USA  Caldecott title selection in 2020) Snowy Joy, and  A Bouncy 123 awaiting release.  I am also an Early Childhood Educator and Reading Specialist with 29 years of experience within the Education sector. I am the founder of the  Kidder-writers  Forum and CALF event. I live in Essex with my family. As a child, I loved to play schools with my dolls for hours. I am a bubbly person who likes to dance spontaneously. Having a unique sense of humour, I once washed my meat in my glass of water because it was too peppery!  I am also very fond of animals, had 2 black and white Rabbits for my pets as a child.

                                 Passion and Purpose for Writing  

 I discovered reading stories as a passion early on in my teaching career and writing for an audience became a priority whilst working on a reading consultancy project for the Nigerian Government. During the engagement, I found out that the early years reading books only depicted Caucasian children in terms of high quality and there was no indigenous illustrated picture. There was a dearth of representational literature for the under 5's which inspired me to create content which balanced out their experiences. Thus, I had a strong desire to write stories that children could relate to in terms of content and representation.       


Whilst teaching in Nigeria I found that there was a lack of representational literature for the Nigerian child which inspired me to create representational literature for them. The early curriculum only depicted Caucasian children. There are many reasons why children need to see themselves depicted in books. I personally believe children create identities based on what is presented to them.  
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Author Bola Dada

I am Bola the children's book author of Dimple, Dare To Ask. I am also a Civil Servant and Chartered Librarian. I attained my Chartership  (M CLIP) in July 2019.  As well as written Articles and blogs for the Government Knowledge and Information  Management (GKIM) Journal. I have attained a First degree in English Literature and a Master's Degree in Library Science. I live in London and have a firm belief that one must always, "Be a Rainbow in someone else's cloud.  If one has  courage nothing can dim the light that shines from within us" as expressed by Dr Maya Angelou 

Passion and Purpose for Writing 
 I developed a love of reading from a young age. This was encouraged by my parents from a young age who bought me lots of books, magazines and cartoons. As a result, it gave me the confidence to enter many writing competitions from a young age. I wrote Dimple, Dares To Ask to encourage an open discussion around COVID-19.  To share experiences and understanding of the impact on people around us and to empower us to help others.
 My aim is to spread hope for the future by using storytelling mediums to uplift the spirit of readers. Using creative writing that is easily understood by children. I hope to keep the conversation open. As well as write more adventures for Dimple, Dare to Ask.  
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                                       Author Bolanle Ogunnaike 

 My name is Bolanle and I am the children's author of the Yoruba Children's Book titled -Tani Mo Je?  Who Am I?  I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and I am married and the mother of two beautiful children. I am also an Interior Architect and Designer by profession.
Passion and Purpose for Writing
 I have a great passion for community development and Preservation. I am passionate about connecting the younger Nigerians to their heritage by reading fun and relatable story books and activity books. I also have a YouTube channel -677 Animation which is designed for kids to learn the Yoruba Language in a fun way.


Tani Mo Je? Who Am I?  is my first book which birthed out the need for Yoruba children's books, whilst raising my first child. This book was written in honour of him. It is illustrated in the modern contemporary expression of what I believe to be the true representation of today's  Nigeria.  I plan to continue writing more Yoruba books for kids. 
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Author Carrol May Coleman Nelson   
My name is Carrol and I am the children's book Author of the Dolly May series Pioneering the Representation of African-Caribbean and Dual Heritage Children in Literature!
These books enrich children's lives by giving them a healthy cultural experience to improve their literacy skills. 
Dolly May books encourage children to dream big with characters that represent themselves. 
The books are fun, educational and multicultural, written to inspire, educate,  and stretch the imagination of our children to dream big. So they can realise they can reach their full potential and be whoever they want to be. 
I am also the creator of C M N Magical Books and the Dolly May Children's Wear Brand. 
I am a mother and grandmother with a background in Personal Development Coaching, Public Speaking, Educator and Facilitator of children's workshops for schools and community events. 
I grew up with a love of writing, as well as, spending time with family and friends,  meeting new people,  and also loves gardening and walking

                                 Passion and Purpose  for Writing 

My passion and purpose are for children and young people to feel empowered to pursue their dreams and transform their lives. I grew up with a love of reading and writing introduced to me by my aunt who was the village school teacher. While I was growing up and when I became a mother I struggled to find picture books with children that looked like me and my children. While working with disadvantaged children and young people in the care system my passion for writing was reignited.

Balancing the representation of children of colour in books with characters that represent them positively raises self-esteem, builds confidence and improves academic attainment whilst adding value to their economic well-being.

Author Kamapala Chukwuka 

 My name is Kamapala children's book author of  Ama's Gift and Mummy's Love for you will always be!
I am a mother of 3 boys and I am the founder of a Creative Digital Marketing Company and a Motivational  Speaker. 
My hobbies are cooking and spending time with family and friends. 

                                         Passion and Purpose for Writing 
I am passionate about writing diverse children's books with a strong focus on black characters as the main protagonists. I love to write books to inspire little black/brown boys and girls to love themselves and be confident in who they are.


I believe in representation in children's literature, as this is very important, as it offers all children variety in what they read and promotes acceptance of others.
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                            Author Tomi Adetayo 

 My name is Tomi and I am an Early Years teacher  I have been teaching for over 10 years. I have read many picture books to children over the years, and it is wonderful to see them light up when you read a favourite story. I especially like it when they are so engrossed and they ask many questions, predict what might happen next, create a piece of art, or write independently after they hear a story.

Passion and Purpose for Writing

My passion for writing grew as I saw the impact and learning opportunities a good picture book provides for children. Children have an imaginative mind and they can be transported to different worlds in a matter of seconds.


 My goal is to write picture books that children want to pick up and read repeatedly.
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                                                Author  Oghomwen Adeyinka-Edward

My name is Oghomwen and I am a writer,  producer and content creator. I  have also founded  Esopip  Children's Media to produce content for children who are black and their stories feature in the forefront. My flagship series Esopip Africa Arts and Crafts is currently streaming on Yippee TV.

                                              Passion and   Purpose for Writing 

I was inspired to start making content because I wanted to create something where children could engagingly learn about black history.


I am currently working on a picture book  which I'm looking to publish by the end of  this year or the beginning of 2023 
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                                                   Author Faye Akpalu

I am Faye Akpalu and I  started writing to offer children's books that will increase awareness of the importance of diversity and representation through literature.      

My background is in law and previously worked for the Probation Service providing support to staff and service users. 

I am dedicated to seeing the publishing space become more representative, by becoming a children’s author! 

My first book  titled Yaayaa's Hair Wash Day  tells the story of Yaayaa and her grandmother navigating hair-wash night together (made easier by a bath shaped like a sports car!) 

 I am now supporting authors in their paid speaking work, with a particular focus on using the Princeton University Press Speaks platform to pursue the Press’s DEI and sustainability mission


                                    Passion and Purpose for Writing 

I started writing to offer children's book that embraces diversity for my children and other children of colour to see themselves represented in the books they read. 
My books are based on my lived experiences from around the world and my childhood experiences.
As Beverley  Clearly states, "If you don't see the books you want to read  on the shelves you must write it


I want to inspire little readers with fun and relatable stories that can help others learn about different cultures around the world. 
My first book  Yaayaa's Hair Wash Day stems from believing that it is so important for our children to grow up learning to care for and love their hair just the way it is. Our hair is a central part of our cultural identity. Thus, feeling love for our hair wash day, and emotions,  are all part of our cultural identity.
My plan for the future is to publish more books with a strong focus on black lead characters. Books that reflect on our own children's lives and windows that give children a chance to learn about someone's else life.
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                                          Author Portia Mushambi

 I am  Portia children's book author of Naniso, Shinga and the Land of Tirivhu, and the Secret In The Stone.  I am also  a co-founder of the Naniso  Media Ltd
I have over 20 years of experience in banking and Corporate Treasury as a finance professional. In addition, I am currently working for an INGO a Humanitarian Organisation that advances children's rights and equality for girls.

                              Passion and Purpose for Writing

I have always enjoyed writing from a young age. I started writing the Naniso and Shinga adventures for my daughters as a fun way to share with them aspects of the Zimbabwean culture. 
My first chapter book the Mysterious Melody and its sequel, The Secret In The Stone tell the story of twins Naniso and Shinga. Who are 10 years old and living their ordinary life in England when they stumble upon Mbira a traditional instrument from the land of their ancestry. This discovery and the melody that comes from it ignite curiosity about their unfamiliar heritage. Through the mystical land of Tirivhu, they begin to explore its fables, tales, music and legends. In these books and in the beautifully illustrated and rhyming picture book Tarirai's Choice we weave through a tapestry of multicultural inheritance and journey with the twins as they discover who they are. 

To contribute to the increase of awareness of the importance of diversity and representation through literature and other outlets. In addition to collaborating and uplifting unheard artists. I believe that literature and media that reflect our stories, our experiences and our images are essential for inspiring self-esteem and a sense of belonging.
Diverse representation is not just a gateway to other worlds and cultures but also brings hope, and comfort, and enables children to have empathy and respect for others.
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                                              Amaka Ekwegh

I am Amaka, also known as Amy and the author of Dodie the Donkey. I am currently a Civil Servant but have worked in the employment and training sector for over a decade. 

                           Passion and Purpose for Writing

My passion for writing started as a child. I would let my imagination run wild and spend time writing down those thoughts. 

I wrote Dodie the Donkey to help children embrace their identity and uniqueness, respect others who may look different from them and encourage them to build true friendships. 


Having worked with young people for several years, I have recognised that lack of identity and self-esteem remains a struggle for most. This has inspired me to continue writing books that would help children from a young age. 
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                                      Author  Sandra  Smith

 I am Sandra Smith the  Founder of Focus Lane Books
I am an experienced teacher who values my pride in the importance of education. My attitude to teaching is based on the principle, that in any learning environment, every child can aspire to greatness. This philosophy lends itself to a high level of creative teaching, in the classroom or any other teaching and learning platform.

                      Passion and Purpose for Writing

I have retained a passion for teaching which I use to empower young people to “tap” into their hidden resources to achieve their full potential. 


My experience in teaching has expanded to over 3 decades, where my role has included Leadership to provide enrichment opportunities for all learners. 
This is through planned activities within school and outside agencies offering a wide range of skills and professions to work with students. 
 My accomplishments and goals are built on my relationship with the community, within the school and the wider community
I  believe that a child’s education should be a journey of many roads to success.
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range of books on offer.

                                       Author Patti Sloley
I am Patti Sloley a Ghanaian-born TV Chef and cookbook author, on a mission to introduce the finest in traditional West African cuisine through recipes inspired by her mother. 
One of my aims is to use food to help children confidently explore the potential of diverse cultures around them. 

                        Passion and Purpose for Writing

I am also a Judge of the Young Chef of the Year Award, and I am passionate about demonstrations to school children. 
Their collective enthusiasm and excitement at trying new
flavours and seeing spices and ingredients from West Africa is empowering. 
It helps to break down barriers and every child deserves this.  
I  believe in catching them early and giving them the experience of a lifetime. 
I am  Front of House and a resident chef at the Novelli Academy,
where my creative style and natural artistry come through in my vibrant dishes. 

 Maintaining the perfect balance between creativity and conformity and my ability to step out of the norm defines me. 
Described by Executive Traveller magazine as Ghana’s best-kept secret. Inspiring and exuberant with an infectious zest for life. Dubbed the Queen of Spice by Michelin Star Chef, Jean Christopher Novelli. 
I enjoy facilitating interactive and fun spice workshops, telling stories and taking people on an adventure!




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